Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amber and Itayi

This wedding was absolutely incredible. From the way it all came together to the beautiful communal spirit, I enjoyed every second of getting to capture the moments as they unfolded. Beautiful Amber was calm and cool - she was even delicately pulling together her bouquet moments before walking down the aisle. Every person who arrived came with their hands full - whether full of a delicious dish for the reception or djembe drum for the music - ah! it was so beautiful and communal and magical... I absolutely loved being a part of this. Congratulations Amber and Itayi! (Stay tuned for some stunning photos of just the couple we took this afternoon...!)

For more fabulous-ness, follow the link to Stephen's website where the rest of my photos and all of his shots are located. Feel free to order any you see!
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